Report on progress in achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Africa, 2013

This report is the latest update by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa on the progress that Africa is making towards the Millennium Development Goals.

It builds on the reports of previous years in taking stock of progress made by African countries in the implementation of the MDG commitments in 2012, including the support provided by the ECA secretariat.

The central message of this year’s report is that Africa has made significant progress towards the MDGs, but that it is uneven and too slow. There are also wide variations in performance across regions and countries, as well as across targets and indicators within the goals.



ILAB – Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor


The Department of Labor’s annual Findings on the Worst Forms of Child Labor focuses on the efforts of 144 U.S. trade beneficiary countries and territories to eliminate the worst forms of child labor through legislation, enforcement mechanisms, policies and social programs. The report presents:

  • Findings on the prevalence and sectoral distribution of the worst forms of child labor in each country.
  • Country-specific suggestions for government action (since 2010).
  • Individual country assessments that identify where Significant, Moderate, Minimal, or No Advancement has been made (since 2011).

To see a selection of the reports, click here.


Ad Puts Children ‘On Sale’ To Raise Child Labor Awareness

This ad campaign by KBS+P for World Vision Canada aims to drive home the poignant message that ‘No child should ever be for sale’, via the use of satire. 

The first two videos, of the ‘No Child For Sale’ campaign, shows a child that is far from his/her teenage years, toiling away at the sewing machine or working hard at a ‘construction site’. 

The presenters tell the audience that these children are ‘for sale’ and can work for up to 16 or 18 hours a day. The ads remind us that what we see is pretty much the same fate that some unfortunate children in the world face on a daily basis.